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School Partnership Press Release

Marist School partners with TechnoKids Philippines

Marist School proudly ties up with TechnoKids Philippines for the upcoming academic year. In spirit of consistent academic integration, this is implemented to further improve computer curriculum education and upgrade school facilities for our students.

TechnoKids Philippines is the country’s premier computer curriculum provider - a global legacy continued in the Philippines as part of the global TechnoKids franchise expansion in over 27 countries. The majority of schools using this curriculum in the world are K-12 schools that are taking the first step to enrich global education competence.

The curriculum, brainchild of education experts, is carefully curated and updated with the most relevant and newest set of projects to inculcate the technological skills patterned to the demands of 21st century learners. It progresses, without doing away with flexibility to the school’s need or capacity, and offers a wide array of project options.

Learning materials and activities will be used and distributed with the introduction of new education technology innovation. Through a Learning Management System (LMS) called “Connect”, students can get immediate feedback on their outputs and parents can monitor the performance of their child in school. Students can also review and breeze through e-learning materials for their studying convenience. Teachers will also have more time to facilitate classroom discussion to supplement prepared materials found in the TechnoKids Resource Library. Yearly, TK will host events for both the enjoyment of students and professional development of our teachers through IT CUP and WISDOM.

It is with great confidence that Marist School embraces TechnoKids’s vision for education technology and proudly rests the future improvement of education we provide to their very capable hands.

This is a step to embrace change! We are embracing the future with TechnoKids!