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Brother President Releases Co-Ed Transition Circular

Dear Marist Parents and Guardians,

Greetings of Peace!

Marist School Marikina is a Catholic educational community that evangelizes the young, particularly the least favored, through integral education. Walking in faith with Mary and inspired by the charism of St. Marcellin Champagnat, and with compassion and commitment to excellence, the institution forms “good Christians and virtuous citizens” who participate actively in building a just and peaceful Philippine society.

Preparing students academically, socially, and emotionally for higher education and life demands an environment that is reflective and responsive to real-life situations. As our society requires us to interact and work together with the opposite sex, it is imperative for schools especially in the basic education to prepare its students with this learning environment.

Recognizing the importance of preparing its graduates for this kind of social interaction in the college classroom and in the workplace, the school decided to adopt a co-education learning system starting school year 2021-2022.

The Advantage of Co-Education Learning System

This coed dynamic empowers male and female students to grow both as individuals and as members of the community by fostering the following:


Being skilled and confident individuals gain real value when students become effective partners or group members. The ability to collaborate reflects awareness, motivation, mediation, respect, and engagement. Working in a coed setting in this capacity fortifies this skill that can be used for lifetime personal and professional accomplishment.


There is a unique energy to the coed community as it reflects the real family atmosphere that students create. In their stay with Marist School, they can learn, pray, celebrate, compete, and serve together. The opportunity to experience all of these in a coed setting strengthens students socially and emotionally and helps them become responsible, compassionate young people who are connected to the school and one another for life.


Students are nurtured to grow into academically sound, faithful, and confident young citizens who are prepared for higher education and for life. A major part of this growth process will be a result of having the opportunity to discover one’s values, skills, and strengths in a coed setting, where they can learn from one another.

Preparation for the Co-Education Learning System

The adoption of a co-educational learning system is a plan several years back. To further strengthen the school’s readiness and ensure a smooth transition to this new learning system, Marist School is continuously conducting various activities that include orientation meetings, series of planning sessions, the formation of committees, and the formulation and presentation of action plans to address the key areas that will be affected by this transition: (I) Philosophy and Objectives; (II) Faculty; (III) Curriculum & Instruction; (IV) Library & Audio-Visual Center; (V) Physical Plant & Laboratories; (VI) Student Services; (VII) Administration; and, (VIII) The School and Community.

True to our mission of positioning Marist School as “a premier Christ-centered basic education institution renowned for quality holistic education forming competent, self-disciplined and service-oriented lifelong learners who integrate faith, life, and culture,” let us endeavor together and embrace our transition to a co-educational learning system. Rest assured that the school will continuously update and share relevant information with you on this matter, and do consultations as needed. We hope for your support for this new venture.

As one Marist family, let us never cease to offer a transformative education and be transformative leaders ourselves.

Merci beaucoup,

School President