Marist Senior High School will start on SY 2016-2017 beginning June, 2016 and will be opening its doors not only to Male enrolees but also Female Grade 10 completers.


As Marist School moves into the 21st century, momentous changes take place in the historical present in which the school is situated.  These movements in the Philippines educational landscape demand challenging responses and an unwavering commitment to reform.


Marist School, in its dedication to the mission of quality Christian education, considers itself at the forefront of the drive for national development and is so committed and ready to respond. The Marist Senior High School is such a response.  Taking its cue from the global perspective of education for all, Marist School offers a variety of avenues for total human development by offering as many SHS tracks and strands as it can.


With a strong focus on the core competencies needed for higher education and a deepened understanding of occupational knowledge, it offers enriched curriculum with Catholic Christian education at the core.  Characterized by a unique Marist pedagogy that forms young men and women into empowered and mature individuals, Marist education promises to fulfil its mission of forming “good Christians and virtuous citizens.”


1. Academic


1.a. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

1.b. HUMSS (Humanities and Social Sciences)

1.c. ABM (Accounting, Business and Management)

1.d. GAS (General Academic Strand)


2. Arts and Design

2.a. Music Arts

2.b. Performance and Dance Arts

2.c. Visual and Media

2.d. Literary Arts


3. Sports

3.a. Sports Education

3.b. Fitness Management

3.c. Human Kinetics


4. Tech Voc

4.a. Consumer Electronics Servicing

4.b. Electrical Installation and Maintenance


Application Period

The application period starts from September 8, 2015 until February 19, 2016.

Enrollment Period

The enrollment period will start on March 30, 2016.

Registration Requirements

  1. Photocopy of the latest form 138 (report card)
  2. Accomplished registration form (only Grade 10 students, male and female, may register)
  3. Admission testing fee to be paid at the Business office

Admission Procedure

  1. Accomplishment of registration requirements
  2. Entrance test
  3. Completion of admission requirements
  4. Enrollment


Tuition is estimated at P55,000 per year. Enrolment is at the start of every semester.


Senior High School Building

Senior High School Laboratory

Senior High School Auditorium

Senior High School Library

Senior High School Classroom

Senior High School Chapel

Other Facilities

Physics/Biology laboratory

Track and Field oval

Swimming pool

Computer laboratory

Tennis court

Parquet-floored Basketball court

Chemistry laboratory

Mini-Forest and Ecological garden

Baseball field, Catholic chapel

SHS Cafe and Canteen

Parking Area

Fitness Gym